Desert Monsoon Workshops

July 27-29, 2018

Space Limited to 3 Photographers

August 3-5, 2018

Space Limited to 3 Photographers

Cost $750 per person

Participant(s) will be responsible for their own meals and lodging. Instructor will provide daily transportation from the rendezvous point or you may follow in your own vehicle.


Early Bird Discount 

Pay in Full by June 25th.
Receive $100 off the Workshop Price.

The monsoon workshops are similar to our safari style tours with a primary goal of getting you on locations that provide for beautiful images of active monsoon storms and brilliant lightning opportunities. The difference is that you’ll receive dedicated instruction.

Each workshop will include an introductory class on safety, weather apps and basic techniques. The rest of your instruction will take place in the field.

We’ll rendezvous each morning for breakfast, determine the targets for the day and then head out to position for storm development in the afternoon and evening hours.

We’ll wind it up with a virtual editing session via Facebook Live or Google Hangouts. This can be a group session or scheduled on a one on one basis. The group will decide.



July or August Workshop
(Lodging Included)





Essential Equipment

DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

At least a 24-120mm f/3.5 lens 

Cable Release, Remote or Intervalometer

Sturdy Tripod

Memory Cards and Spare Camera Batteries

Good Shoes
(Flip-Flops or Sandals Not Recommended)


Optional Equipment

Laptop with Photoshop or LR

Smart Phone or iPad

Lightning Trigger for Daytime Captures


If we do experience a lull in the action, the workshop will switch focus to blue hour light painting, milky way or astrophotography, and sunrise/sunset. Whatever happens we will go the extra mile to make the trip a rewarding and memorable experience.


Things to Consider

When determining which package to book, keep in mind that local AirBnB options are unavailable for July and August.

If you wish to secure lodging on your own we suggest that you check availability at Hotel El Capitan in Van Horn, Texas which is the closest option. The next closest would be in El Paso, TX or Carlsbad, NM.

There is also a local RV Park and camping options at Guadalupe Mountains National Park.